Sake brewery tours

Sake brewery tours

Learn the traditional techniques of sake brewing, and taste the best sake too.

Drinking plays an important role in Japanese society in order to strengthen business and social ties. The indigenous brew, known as sake (sa-keh) or nihonshu, made from fermented rice, water and white koji mould is the traditional favourite.  Please note that in Japanese sake is the word for alcohol in general, while nihonshu means Japanese alcohol i.e. sake, which is otherwise known as rice wine in English although the production process is much closer to beer a little confusing!

Alongside big nationwide brands of nihonshu, there are countless locally produced nihonshu from small, often family-run breweries where traditional brewing techniques are still revered.

Kyoto's Fushimi district is one of the most famous nihonshu areas and InsideJapan can arrange a guided visit to a traditional brewery here where you can explore the sake production process from start to finish. We recommend combining this with a visit to the endless tunnels of red shrine gates at Fushimi Inari, an atmospheric shrine full of fox statues believed to be the messengers of the rice gods.

Sake brewery tours

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