Five day Japanese cooking course

Five day Japanese cooking course

Spend five days in Kyoto on an intensive cooking course. What better way to get to know a culture, than by learning to cook its food?

We can arrange for you to take an intensive course in Japanese cooking. Over five days at a reputable cooking school in Kyoto, you'll uncover the secrets of the Japanese kitchen, equipping you with all the skills and recipes to cook up your own Japanese feasts when you return home.

On the first day of the course you'll explore the staples of Japanese cooking: dashi stock, rice, soy sauce, mirin, sake and miso. Day two starts with a trip to the local supermarket before exploring home cooking. On day three you'll focus on sushi, sashimi and tsukemono Japanese pickles. You'll also visit Nishiki market Kyoto's most famous food market home to all sorts of weird and wonderful ingredients. Day four brings soba noodle making along with tempura and donburi (chicken and egg on rice). Finally on day five you'll tackle kaiseki haute cuisine making use of all the techniques you've learned over the previous four days.

Classes take place each afternoon between 1pm and 5pm. Each day you'll cook a full meal including dessert. As well as tuition, all ingredients, two shopping trips, recipe cards and an apron are included. If you are a vegetarian, alternative dishes can be arranged throughout the course.

Five day Japanese cooking course

located in Kyoto

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