Whisky distillery tours

Yamazaki, one of Japan's most famous whisky brands offers insightful tours of their distilleries.

Japanese whisky is much loved across the country since the first commercial distillery, Yamazaki opened in 1924. We've opted for the Scottish spelling of whisky (omitting the "e'), as Japanese whisky is generally closer to Scotch than Irish or American styles. In recent years Japanese distillers have been picking up awards across the globe for their fine blended and single malt whiskys and a visit to the Yamazaki distillery in Japan is a chance to find out how they do it.

Just outside Kyoto, Yamazaki's whisky distillery is open for sightseeing tours. Lasting around an hour the tour will introduce you to all the steps of the productions process. And of course, at the end of the tour there'll be plenty of time to try the whisky too!

Whisky distillery tours

located in Kyoto

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