Hello Kitty Sanrio Puroland

Hello Kitty Sanrio Puroland

For a uniquely Japanese take on the kids’ theme park, head to Sanrio Puroland – a fabulously kitsch celebration of all things Hello Kitty. This entirely indoor theme park is located on the outskirts of Tokyo and offers gentle rides, choreographed spectacles, and meetings with the Sanrio characters. We recommend the park for kids aged six and under – although adults, too, benefit from an interesting insight into the bizarre world of Japanese kawaii culture!

Hello Kitty is perhaps one of Japan's most recognisable exports. The face of this ultra-cute mouth-less cat is known all around the world with Kitty merchandise covering everything from straps for your mobile phone to exclusive suitcases and designer jackets. You can even buy your Kitty goods with your Hello Kitty credit card! She really is a phenomenon. What few people know is that Kitty is actually lives in London (at least this is what her official biography says) and her current favourite boy is Tippy, one of classmates at school. There is a whole Kitty World out there to discover.

For all Kitty fans there is one place in Japan simply not to be missed: Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo. This theme park is dedicated to all things Kitty. There are Kitty rides, Kitty restaurants, a chance to explore Kitty's house, and the Dinner Show where Kitty and her old boyfriend, Dear Daniel (sadly he had to move to Africa with his family) entertain the crowd! Feel free to sing along. A trip to this unique theme park is really is a must for Hello Kitty fans.

When to go:

Hello Kitty Sanrio Puroland

located in Tokyo

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