Roketsu indigo dyeing

Roketsu indigo dyeing

Spend a fun morning or afternoon learning how to dye material in the traditional Japanese style at Yamamoto Roketsu Dyeing Studio in Kyoto

Roketsu is a traditional method of dyeing cloth unique to Kyoto. Using ancient techniques, wax is applied to the fabric blocking indigo dyes to form elaborate, intricate designs of a beautiful blue shade.
InsideJapan are delighted to offer a roketsu dyeing experience at the only studio in Japan where you can try your hand at the whole process from start to finish. Under the instruction of crafts people with over 50 years experience, you don't need to be an artist to create a fine looking souvenir. Choose to create a handkerchief, bandana, t-shirt or noren (Japanese curtains) and then select a design from hundreds of different stencils or design your own.
The first step is to apply hot wax to the fabric using a brush to trace through the stencil. When this has cooled it's time to dye the fabric. You'll be given protective clothing in order to stir your piece in a vat of natural indigo dye. The final stage is to iron the fabric and seal in the design (who knew you'd be ironing on holiday!)

When to go: Roketsu Dyeing is available all year round.

Roketsu indigo dyeing

located in Kyoto

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