Kimono wearing

Kimono wearing

The Japanese kimono is perhaps the most exquisite national dress on earth and a real treat to try on.

You must try on a Japanese kimono. Perhaps an exquisite silk one in midnight blue with a flock of silver cranes sweeping across the long sleeves. Or a light pink kimono decorated with an ornate cherry blossom motif. Then add a contrasting forest green obi sash tied in a drum bow and slip into tabi split toe socks in order to accommodate wooden geta sandals. There are kimono robes for men too, in darker more subdued shades.
Although kimono are no longer worn daily by most Japanese, they are still proudly put on for special occasions such as weddings and coming of age ceremonies. In Kyoto, the epicentre of Japanese culture, locals regularly wear light cotton yukata robes for summer festivals such as the Gion festival.
It's extremely difficult and almost impossible for novices to correctly put on a kimono, so InsideJapan can arrange an instructor to help you try one on either in the comfort of your hotel, in a traditional machiya townhouse for a tea ceremony or at a photographic studio for a great holiday souvenir. The instructors can also advise the best place to buy a kimono depending on your budget. Second hand kimono can be picked up in flea markets and sales shops around Kyoto for a few thousand yen whereas official wedding kimono sold in specialist shops can set you back several million yen.

Kimono wearing

located in Kyoto

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