Tokugawa art in Nagoya

Tokugawa art in Nagoya

See the art treasures of the Tokugawa Shogun and beautiful gardens in Nagoya

Nagoya, once ruled by the Owari branch of the Tokugawa shogunate, is a great place to explore Japanese art. The Tokugawa Art Museum will introduce you to the finest art of the Edo Period (1603-1868) when the Tokugawa ruled supreme. Located on the site of the Owari clan's feudal residence, the museum exhibits treasures from this period including samurai armour and swords, tea ceremony utensils, noh masks and costumes, poems, scrolls and maps. 
Nearby, the Nagoya/Boston Museum of Fine Art presents some of the best works from its sister museum the MFA in Boston; a chance to immerse yourself in a very different artistic lineage. 
Toyota City, just 30 minutes from Nagoya, is home to the Municipal Art Museum constructed by Yoshio Taniguchi who also renovated MoMA in New York. The collection here includes works by Gustav Klimt and Edvard Munch along with Japanese artists. 

Tokugawa art in Nagoya

located in Nagoya

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  • A low-cost, 15-day itinerary introducing the best of Japan's arts scene, from traditional ukiyo-e woodblock prints to modern masters.

    Japan Arts Trail

    World-class museums and galleries proliferate across Japan, not only in the metropolitan centres such as Tokyo and Nagoya but also in rural areas, where art adds a unique vibrancy and excitement to otherwise forgotten places and enhances traditional tourist destinations.

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    A low-cost, 15-day itinerary introducing the best of Japan's arts scene, from traditional <i>ukiyo-e</i> woodblock prints to modern masters.

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