Steller's sea eagles

Steller's sea eagles

Take a small ice breaker cruise into the ice flows of the Nemuro Straits to photograph Steller's sea eagles fishing for Pacific cod.

On a bird watching trip to Hokkaido, priority should be given to tracking Steller's sea eagles which can be seen from the Nemuro Peninsula. On average this is the largest eagle in the world weighing 5 to 9kg and the birds are known for their distinctive yellow beaks.

In winter Steller's sea eagles along with white-tailed sea eagles hunt for abundant Pacific cod amid the pack ice which drifts down from the Sea of Okhotsk into the Nemuro Straits. InsideJapan can arrange ice drift cruises from Nemuro or Rausu in order to see the eagles up close.

When to go: The ice flows form generally in mid January and the best time to see the eagles is usually around the first two weeks of February

Steller's sea eagles

located in Rausu

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    Enjoy some fantastic bird-watching on Japan's snow-swept northern island of Hokkaido

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