Iriomote's yamaneko wildcat

Iriomote's yamaneko wildcat

Japan's Loch Ness monster? See if you can spot the illusive Iriomote wildcat!

While you're exploring Iriomote Island, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the yamaneko, an elusive wildcat which was discovered in 1965 and can only be found on Iriomote. Related to the leopard, it's only the size of a domesticated house cat and a nocturnal animal, most active around twilight. The cats are terrestrial, but can climb trees and also swim. During the day they sleep in caves or tree hollows. Sadly the yamaneko is an endangered species and there are thought to be just a hundred cats left on the island. So it's very unlikely that you'll spot one, but please let us know if you do!

Iriomote's yamaneko wildcat

located in Iriomote

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