Obuse sake brewery

Obuse sake brewery

Stop by for a sake tasting at a family brewery in the small town of Obuse

Interested in sake? We'll make an appointment to visit Obuse's finest sake brewery. The town has a strong tradition of brewing which has recently been revived by the increasing popularity of Japan's national drink. The place to visit is the Masuichi Brewery where you can visit their teppa for sake tastings available all day from 9am to 7pm.

In the days before izakaya pubs and snack bars the teppa was where workers would gather after a hard day to indulge in a cup or two of sake and now you too can enjoy the delights of sake in this most traditional of surroundings. You might also like to consider having lunch in the Yori-tsuki dining club built in an old section of the brewery. The menu is simple fare of steamed rice and seasonal ingredients all cooked over a wood and charcoal grill.

Obuse sake brewery

located in Obuse

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