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  • The definitive guide to Japan’s tourist reopening in 2022

    **Last updated 7th November 2022** Don’t get us wrong, we love Japan (enough to dedicate 22 years of our lives to the place), and part of loving Japan is marveling at how delightfully confusing it can be at times.  But Japan’s border opening approach? It was challenging, convoluted and at times frustrating.   However, after more than two and a half years of waiting, the country fully reopened to tourism. From 11th October 2022, visa-free travel resumed and all arrival caps were removed as well.   We have all the answers you need about Japan’s full border opening on 11th October. As the Japan experts, we’ve sought all the requirement information directly from Japanese government sources and broken them down into easy-to-understand sections.    When can I travel to Japan ...

  • You’re a tiger! What’s big in Japan for 2022

    So, here we are again: it's time to say goodbye to another twelve months of travel restrictions, closed borders, and a serious lack of life-giving Japan adventures. But, just as Christmas comes and goes, party season burns itself out, and a New Year begins – it can't last forever. Which is why we're keeping everything crossed that 2022 – the Year of the Tiger, no less – is the year we'll make our big return to our favourite country on Earth. What better time to spring free from our cages and let loose on Japan?  After all this wishing and waiting, the next trip is going to be so much more than a holiday. It's going to be about making the most of every opportunity; of leaping on new experiences, of saying 'yes!' to meeting new people, to learning new things, and to immersing ourselves in ...

  • Japan and South Korea: what makes them unique?

    Japan and South Korea are longtime rivals that, at first glance, can appear a bit alike; after all, both are modern, mountainous East Asian countries with rocky coastlines, rich cultures, and temples galore. However, if you scratch beneath the surface, you will find that these are actually two very different places, each offering up its own unique splendors. Here we take a look at their surprising similarities and key differences as we size them up, side-by-side. Similarities Let’s start with the similarities. Japan and South Korea are lands of rugged natural beauty, where the ancient meets the hyper-modern. The mountains offer up countless opportunities for hiking and winter sports, while the coasts are dotted with sandy beaches, sleepy fishing villages, and islands ripe for explora ...

  • Recipe for an InsideJapan Small Group Tour

    After everything the pandemic has thrown at us, we’re wishing things could be straightforward and trouble-free once more. Do you feel the same? Then you may want to direct your pent-up wanderlust into choosing an adventure that keeps things simple as can be, while providing you with the experience of a lifetime. Perhaps you need look no further than our Small Group Tours!  We've spent the last twenty years honing the perfect formula, ensuring that our group tours immerse you in everything that's remarkable about Japan – in the most unforgettable way.  Here's the secret recipe.  They're not too big, and not too small We’ve found the perfect size for our group tours. And let’s just say, they're called ‘Small’ Group Tours for a reason.   Most of our tours have a maximum ...

  • Hiking in Japan: 8 of the best hiking trails

    A fact that surprises people about Japan? Over 70% of the country is covered in mountains. And though hiking isn’t necessarily the first pastime that springs to mind for most people when planning a Japan holiday, between the dramatically diverse landscapes, unique Japanese twists (bear bells, vending machines in unlikely places and hot spring baths), hiking in Japan is an unmissable treat for anyone who loves to travel on their own two feet.  To celebrate the launch of our brand-new Walking the Nakasendo and Beyond small group tour – which is all about slowing down, savouring the moment and seeing Japan’s spectacular scenery up close on the likes of the Shin-Etsu Trail and Nakasendo Way – our team rounds up the best routes they've tried, and who/ what they're great for.  If you're tr ...


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