My Favourite Small Group Tour — HYPERJAPAN’s J-Pop & Go!

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Covering five incredible destinations in ten nights, this fast-paced tour will introduce you to some of Japan’s most important pop culture. Dates are still available; book now.

What makes a great tour? Is it the destinations visited, the people you meet, the food you eat? A mixture of these three and you know you’re in for a treat.

In this edition of ‘My Favourite Small Group Tour’ we caught up with Fergal, one of our tour leader experts, who ran three of his fave tours — HYPERJAPAN’s J-Pop & Go! — in 2023.

Why is HYPERJAPAN’s J-Pop & Go! your favourite?

Quite simply, I found the tour to be thoroughly enjoyable, both for the clients and for me as a tour leader!

It’s also an easy tour for me to lead, for a few reasons:

  • I love history — Japan is full of so many exciting historical facts, with a rich and varied culture. I’m always learning new things.
  • I’m a samurai fan — the birthplace of the ronin makes for a truly gripping place to visit, and learn more about the traditions that have shaped Japan for generations.
  • I love anime! — the HYPERJAPAN’s J-Pop & Go! tour really leans into Japan’s obsession with its own form of animation. Having a love for it makes it so easy to talk passionately with our clients.

What’s your favourite destination on tour?

My favourite destination is Osaka!  The Tate-do (stage style sword-fighting) experience is always fantastic, followed by the excitement of Dotonburi — think delicious food and fascinating culture. It’s a winning combo that everyone always enjoys.

Need some peace and quiet to reflect on all the fun you’re having? I think the guided zazen meditation experience is the perfect complement to the hustle and bustle of the rest of the tour.

Where do you love to go to eat?

In Kyoto — Wagyu Yakinku Toku for some of the best Wagyu beef you’ll ever have. Basically, the cows are reared in the least stressful environment possible — surrounded by the mountains of Shinshu, the meat here is next-level tender. All enjoyed with views over the Kamo River. Not one for vegans, sadly!

In Hiroshima — Honke Soncho no Mise. An amazing place to get well-fed, sit and watch the expert preparation from the chefs, and taste a variety of interesting dishes. Who thought cabbage and noodles could be so interesting?

What are your favourite hotels on the tour?

In Osaka — Hotel Vista Osaka Nanba is a great location for sightseeing.  The staff are always very helpful/friendly.

In Kanagawa — the Fuji Guest House Hakone has really caring staff and in a beautiful spot. Oh and there are private hot baths, which always goes down well with clients.

Give me some good nightspots on the tour?

Near Dotonburi, there are a number of small whisky bars that are seemingly never busy, and don’t tend to have foreign crowds. For clients who want that ‘authentic’ drinking experience, I’ve always had positive feedback. The best two bar’s to visit are Bar N and Bar Choice.

What’s great about a small group tour?

There are so many reasons why I recommend taking a small group tour. Firstly, the organised itinerary by our team, means you’re getting loads of expertise packaged into a ten-day trip, delivered with real hands-on care from our insiders.

With a small group, you can experience a lot of Japan comfortably, go to restaurants/spots that would normally be difficult, all while having an insider on hand who will translate for you, make the journey smooth, and also explain about Japanese culture and everything you see on the way.

Ask me about…

I love music, movies, culture, history, and linguistics. I often talk to clients about these topics, sometimes at great length!

I’m always flexible to what our travellers want to know about or do. I can think on my feet in case there are special requests or if something unpredictable happens. I’m really friendly, and love building rapport; by the end of the trip, I hope everyone is great friends!

If you’re interested in booking the HYPERJAPAN’s J-Pop & Go! tour, please get in touch.

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