Japanese dance class

Japanese dance class

Learn the graceful art of traditional Japanese dance complete with a kimono and fan.

The beauty of traditional Japanese dance is its simplicity but it takes years of practice and training for dancers to appear so effortless in their movements. For those interested in dance we can arrange a private lesson at a Japanese home in Kyoto with a dance instructor and translator.

You will first need to look the part so your instructor will dress you in traditional kimono. Although probably more restrictive than your usual dance attire, the kimono helps with posture and enforces the small, carefully planned movements which the art form is associated with.

You will then learn how to walk  and correctly control your feet, hands and head whilst using traditional props such as fans.  Your patience and hard work will be rewarded at the end of the lesson when you are able to perform a complete dance to a traditional song.  

Japanese dance class

located in Kyoto

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