A subtle blend of music, dance and drama dating back to the 14th century

Many would bypass Noh theatre in favour for the faster paced dramatics of Kabuki but if audiences take the time to understand the subtle nuances and symbolism of Noh it can be equally as enjoyable. Admittedly, it is slow paced and can be mistaken as  monotonous at times but there is no escaping the fact that attending a Noh performance is a truly unique experience and hugely rewarding for those with a deep interest in theatre and tradition. 

Plots are usually based around history, legend and literature with themes relating to dreams, ghosts and supernatural worlds. The language used is highly poetic so there is a high emphasis on the words being spoken rather than the movements of the actors. Masks play an important role in depicting the characters and are designed with such skill and craftsmanship that an actor can portray various expressions with the smallest of head movements. 

The Noh stage is extremely simple and a lot of imagination is required from the audience. In keeping with the minimalistic nature of this art form, only a few props such as fans are used and the subtle way in which they are held, opened or closed suggests what kind of object they are being used to represent.


located in Tokyo

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