Backstage theatre tour

Backstage theatre tour

Permission to access all areas in Japan's oldest Kabuki theatre in Kotohira.

What goes on behind the scenes of a theatre is quite often just as interesting as the performances taking place on stage. Built in 1835, Kanamaru-za is Japan's oldest Kabuki playhouse and, when performances aren't taking place, the doors are open to the public to appreciate the impressive structure in its full glory and to also understand the workings of a Kabuki theatre.

Visitors are invited to explore the main audience hall as well as head back stage to have a sneak peak into the dressing rooms before heading to the basement to see the mechanics of the human powered rotating stage and trapdoors which enable dramatic entrances and exits for the actors during performances. The Kanamaru-za is a wonderful insight into the design, style, tradition and ingenuity of Japanese theatre. 

Backstage theatre tour

located in Kotohira

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