Samurai <i>kenbu</i> sword dancing

Samurai kenbu sword dancing

Learn to wave a katana sword in the style of the samurai

Kenbu translates as 'sword dance' and is the name given to a traditional style of Japanese dancing with a katana sword and fan. During the feudal period, the samurai performed kenbu in order to hone their mental concentration and summon up strength before a battle. You may remember a kenbu scene in the film The Last Samurai. The dance is usually accompanied by Japanese poetry set to music.

InsideJapan Tours can arrange for you to join a two hour kenbu class to step into the shoes of a samurai and experience first hand this fascinating facet of Japan's cultural heritage. During the class you'll dress in a traditional samurai costume before the instructor teaches you a range of basic sword play techniques, fan dances and samurai etiquette. After your lesson is the opportunity to watch a kenbu demonstration by experienced practitioners.

Samurai kenbu sword dancing

located in Kyoto

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