Osaka sumo

Visit Osaka for the spring sumo tournament which takes place in the city's Nanba district

Seeing the sumo really is an "only in Japan" experience. The wrestlers are seeded into different categories with the new recruits and lower ranks competing in the morning. The stadium is pretty empty at this time so it's a good chance to leave your designated seat and creep down to the ringside to take photos. Many wrestlers wander freely around the stadium, so don't be shy to get your photograph taken with a sumo giant!  
Later in the day the stadium seats fill up to watch the top makuuchi division who make a ceremonial entrance to the dohyo ring around 4pm. This is followed by the purification ritual performed by the Yokozuna, the highest ranking wrestlers where they stamp out the evil spirits from the dohyo.

When to go: The Osaka sumo tournament takes place in March.

Osaka sumo

located in Osaka

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