Momiji autumn leaves

Visit Japan in autumn for the spectacular autumn leaves.

Japan is simply spectacular in autumn. The climate moves quite quickly from a humid summer to a cold winter creating a dramatic turning of the koyo leaves and a burst of oranges, golds, and bright reds across the country.

The most loved leaves belong to momiji or Japanese maples trees and these turn a beautiful russet red every year. Famous momiji spots include national parks like Hokkaido's Daisetsusan and Kurobe Gorge in the Japanese Alps, while in Kyoto temples such as Kiyomizu-dera and Eikando have spectacular maple gardens placed to contemplate the temple architecture. 

When to go: In contrast to cherry blossom season, the turning of the autumn leaves happens over a greater time period making it easier to plan your trip. Autumn colours appear in Hokkaido at the end of September, and the high peaks of the Japanese Alps in November. However please note that in Tokyo and Kyoto the leaves don't turn until mid-November, much later than many tourists imagine.

Momiji autumn leaves

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    Admire Japan's autumnal beauty in this special seasonal itinerary

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