F1 Japanese Grand Prix

F1 Japanese Grand Prix

Catch the F1 Grand Prix at Japan's famous Suzuka Circuit

The mighty Formula One road show visits Japan each autumn for what is often a decisive race. Traditionally one of the last, if not the last race of the season, the Japanese Grand Prix has been the venue for many title-deciding races, with 13 world champions being crowned here.

The Japanese Grand Prix takes place in early October at the Suzuka Circuit near Nagoya and owned by Honda Motor Company. The course was designed as a Honda test track in 1962 by the Dutchman John Hugenholtz. Suzuka is one of the few circuits in the world to have a figure of 8 layout with the back straight crossing over the front section by means of an overpass.

InsideJapan can arrange tickets to the F1 Japanese Grand Prix as well as accommodation in Nagoya and transport to the circuit.

When to go:

F1 Japanese Grand Prix

located in Nagoya

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