Insider Experience: Video games tour of Tokyo

Let us connect with you with our "Insider" expert of Tokyo's gaming scene for a very special day in the video game arcades.

Synonymous with gaming culture, Tokyo is jam-packed with game stores, multi-story arcades and videogame cafes. We can hook you up with one of InsideJapan Tours' very own "Insiders" - a self-confessed gaming obsessive - for a very special tour of Tokyo's gaming scene.

The tour will involve plenty of time playing on a diverse area of consoles at your Insider's favourite gaming spots from the famous to hidden mom-and-pop retro spots. You'll rub shoulders with local gamers and may even spot some bigwigs from the gaming industry.

For lunch you'll want to check a game-themed café such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest or Capcom. You could even hit up a maid café if you like. The day can be tailored to match your gaming tastes and interests, so if you want to find that elusive Famicom cartridge, or finally sit down in front of that arcade machine you saw online years ago, just ask our Insider!

Insider Experience: Video games tour of Tokyo

located in Tokyo

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