The world's biggest anime fair attracts the big players in the anime industry as well as showcasing and nurturing up and coming talent.

Anime is the term used for Japanese animation and it is serious business in Japan. AnimeJapan is a trade fair held at Tokyo Big Sight in March and attracts all the major production studios in Japan such as Bandai and Toei Animation. The final two days of the fair see  the doors fly open to the general public, allowing the fans a glimpse into anime heaven. 

The overwhelming event sees special appearances and performances by character actors, exhibitions by production and game companies and highly respected animation schools are invited to showcase their courses, students and projects. To top it all off, the shopping opportunities are endless every conceivable kind of merchandise has been thought of and produced. You really don't need any of it but leaving empty handed is just not an option!  


When to go:

AnimeJapan is usually held in mid-March and InsideJapan can include tickets in any holiday package. 


located in Tokyo

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