Manga drawing class

Manga drawing class

Become a student of an official manga and animation school and create your own work under the watchful eye of a published manga artist.

Japan is the home of manga and anime and for enthusiasts we can arrange a class at a highly regarded animation school in Yokohama. Here you will first learn how to hold a pencil correctly and then go on to learn about the intricate and unique techniques needed to draw anime cells and moving images. You will discover how to create multiple frames and start your own anime story. 
As it is a real life school there is a real creative buzz flowing through the halls which will hopefully inspire and fuel your own creation. You will be able to meet other students and take a look at the design projects they are working on as part of their studies. 

Classes are entirely in Japanese and therefore the assistance of a private guide is required for the duration of the lesson which InsideJapan are happy to arrange. 

When to go:

Manga drawing class

located in Yokohama

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