Kibune to Kurama Onsen hike

Keep your eyes peeled for tengu goblins on a half day mountain hike near Kyoto

If you fancy a change of pace after a few days of busy sightseeing in Kyoto City, an afternoon at the mountain villages of Kibune and Kurama is a great idea. Take the rink-a-dink local train that potters from Demachiyanagi Station in central Kyoto due north over the mountains and get off at Kibune-Guchi, the penultimate stop. First take a look around the hamlet of Kibune and visit the shrine home to a pair of 700 year old cedar trees. Then follow the trail up the steps over the mountain pass, then down past mountain temples to arrive into Kurama. According to local folklore this area is home to the mythical tengu or red-faced goblins with long noses who trained the samurai hero, Minamoto Yoshitsune.

The hike takes two to three hours and the first part is quite steep in places. But your efforts will be rewarded; Kurama boasts a lovely outdoor onsen, perfect for resting tired feet.

Kibune to Kurama Onsen hike

located in Kyoto

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