Shin-Etsu Trail hiking

Choose the path less travelled and embark on a hike along the 70km-long Shin-Etsu Trail.

The Shin-Etsu Trail follows the backbone of the Sekida Mountains that form the prefectural border between Niigata to the north and Nagano to the south. This long-distance trail takes you on a journey through various kinds of terrain, from majestic beech and atmospheric cedar forests to verdant marshland, and offers panoramic views of the Sea of Japan and the mountains as you make your way along the ridgeline. Despite its easy access from Tokyo and well-signposted trail, it doesn't get overcrowded with visitors unlike other hiking routes in the country.

A hike along the Shin-Etsu Trail also offers the opportunity to experience rural Japan, with stays at family run inns and guesthouses available. The highlight at these accommodations is the food, which often features homegrown ingredients, and the hot spring baths are a welcome way to soak away the aches and pains of a day's hiking.

Whether you want to do a couple days of scenic walking, or you want to hike the full 70km (and get a certificate as proof!), we can arrange it for you.

When to go: Parts of the trail open from mid-May, and the whole trail is open from the end of June/early July until the end of October.

Shin-Etsu Trail hiking

located in Iiyama

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Interested in this Experience? It is included in this tour:

  • Lace up your hiking boots for a three-day hike along the Sekida Mountain's Shin-Etsu Trail.

    Shin-Etsu Trail Three-Night Module (Intermediate Hiking)

    This three-day hiking module introduces you to our favourite sections of the 70km-long Shin-Etsu Trail, allowing you to enjoy hiking through majestic beech forests and along mountain ridgelines. It can be added to many Self-Guided Adventures as it's easily accessible from Tokyo and Kanazawa.

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    Lace up your hiking boots for a three-day hike along the Sekida Mountain's Shin-Etsu Trail.

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