Tour of Kyoto's Zen Heritage

Zen. In terms of the words that are used in literature describing Japan, it's hard to find a word that is more commonly misunderstood. But what truly is it?

Japan's temple gardens are commonly described as inducing "Zen-like calm", and in books using the title Zen and the Art of? one will find advice relating to myriad pursuits, from golf to motorcycle maintenance. Let us help you cut through the waffle to find the true meaning of the word Zen.

We can arrange for you to join Our very own "Insider" expert in Asian religion. Together you'll explore the history and philosophy of Zen by visiting temples belonging to all three of Japan's Zen schools: Obaku, Rinzai and Soto. From the Rinzai school's tradition of koan, enigmatic Zen riddles, to the Soto school's focus on shikantaza, "just sitting", and the Obaku school with its unique Chinese influence, let us help you explore Kyoto's fascinating Zen through its temples and gardens.

Tour of Kyoto's Zen Heritage

located in Kyoto

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