Temple luck: omikuji & ema

Test your luck at a temple by drawing an omikuji fortune slip.

Most temples and shrines offer omikuji: delicate slips of paper predicting your luck to come. For a small fee you can draw a slip which contains predictions ranging from daikichi to daikyo (great fortune to very bad luck). If you tie your paper slip around a tree in the temple grounds, good fortune will come true or bad fortune can be averted. Some of the larger temples such as Kyoto's Kinkaku-ji (Golden Temple) offer omikuji in English.

Another way to garner good fortune on a shrine visit, is to write your wishes on an ema wooden plate and leave them at the shrine to hope they come true. Most people wish for good health, business and exam success or love.

Temple luck: omikuji & ema

Available throughout Japan

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