Flying Squirrels Night Time Tour

Flying Squirrels Night Time Tour

Join an expert nature guide for a night time exploration of the forests around Karuizawa to see the world's largest flying squirrel.

Weighing as much as 1.5 kg and with the ability to glide up to 160 metres at a time, the flying squirrels in the forests of Karuizawa in Nagano Prefecture are shy and nocturnal, but on the tour you have an incredible 97% chance of seeing one. The excursion will begin at twilight and together with your English-speaking guide you'll venture out to their nests, watch the flying squirrels using infrared cameras, and even catch sight of them as they flit out into the forest for the evening.

The tour is a fantastic way to get up close to and learn about some unique and fascinating Japanese wildlife.

Flying Squirrels Night Time Tour

located in Karuizawa

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    Coastal cities, alpine resorts, urban giants and national parks

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