Shizutani Confucius school

Explore Confucian philosophy at a specialist school in the Okayama countryside

Confucius teachings first reached Japan as early at the 6th century and have played an important role in the evolution of Japanese culture and philosophy. The Japanese system of numbering years by the reign of the Emperor and concepts of the position of Japan in the world were all born from Confucian philosophy. Even the name the Japanese gave the emperor, tenno, derived, at least in part, from a host of Confucian texts.

If you're keen to learn more about Confucianism, we can arrange a private tour of Shizutani-gako, a specialist Confucian school which teaches students on Saturdays. Demand for this sort of education is growing in Japan especially amongst the younger generations as people try to reconnect with the routes of Japanese culture. Shizutani is the oldest public school in Japan, located in a quiet and peaceful valley. The lecture hall is designated a national treasure and the roof tiles are original Bizen which means they date back over 400 years.

Shizutani Confucius school

located in Yunogo Onsen

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