Food & drink in Japan

Ah, Japanese food! Surely the most subtle, intricate and varied cuisine in the world and an essential part of any Japan adventure.

The InsideJapan team could wax lyrical about Japanese food for hours. From the country's freshest sashimi at Tokyo's Tsukiji Fish Market to hearty octopus-filled dumplings at an Osaka streetside stall, to warming winter crab stew and cherry blossom-flavoured ice cream, there are always more regional and seasonal specialities to savour.

You don't have to take just our word for it! Japanese cuisine, or washoku, has just been added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. French food is the only other national cuisine on the list - although certain Turkish and Mexican dishes are recognised. And Tokyo has again been crowned the city with more Michelin stars than anywhere else in the world.

And don't forget the drink! The Japanese have turned a humble cup of green tea into a cherished art form, while sake, the indigenous brew made from fermented rice, is great fun to drink from tiny porcelain cups served either hot or cold. Throw into the mix excellent local beers and whisky? Well go on, you are on holiday!

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