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  • Why Nozawa Onsen is our favourite ski resort of all time

    If you’re an avid snowsports fan, the first Japanese resort that springs to mind will probably be Niseko, which is widely (and deservedly, we might add) considered to be Japan’s biggest and best. You might also have heard of Hakuba – slightly smaller and less well-known, but more convenient for those who want to combine snowsports with a longer cultural trips. You almost certainly haven’t heard of Nozawa Onsen, but it’s actually our favourite ski resort in Japan. Here’s why: It offers a better cultural experience than any other resort Nothing can beat Niseko for sheer scale, variety of runs, powder conditions and après-ski nightlife. If you’re coming to Japan to ski, and just to ski, there’s nowhere better. Most ski resorts are (let’s face it) a bit of a cultural wasteland, but the ...

  • The Incredible, Overlooked Beauty of Ritsurin Garden

    Our tour leader Brett often takes travellers around Japan on various small group tours. On these tours, tourists are able to visit many varied locations; some well-known and others not. In this blog piece, Brett shines a light on one of the more over-looked locations, the beautiful Ritsurin Garden. (more…)

  • 7 reasons to visit magical Yakushima

    Yakushima is a firm favourite amongst the InsideJapan team. With lush rainforest, coral reefs, beautiful beaches and fascinating wildlife – this certainly isn’t the Japan you’re used to seeing in films and on TV! Here are a few reasons why you should buy plane ticket, pack your bags, and head straight to Yakushima without a moment’s delay: (more…)

  • Japan: The new home of Rugby?

    England kicked off the 2015 Rugby World Cup in style at Twickenham on Friday night with an explosive opening ceremony and a good game of Rugby against Fiji. However, the most exciting event of the Rugby World Cup was to follow and it involved Japan…not New Zealand or Wales, but Japan. The mighty ‘Sakura’ had won a game of rugby. They had not only won an international, but beaten one of the Rugby World’s powerhouses in a stunner of a game scraping a victory right at the very end. The mighty Nippon has always managed to win the hearts of Rugby fans with their attractive game and battling spirit in tournaments over the years. However, they have the unenviable record of winning just one game (against Zimbabwe) and drawing just two games (against Canada). It’s fair to say that the fans, nati ...

  • Kabuki and the Art of…David Bowie?

    With the impending release of David Bowie's FIVE YEARS [1986-1973] vinyl collection, marking the start of a series of vinyl reprints of the musician's work, IJT staffer Emily takes a look at Bowie's formative years to see how Japanese designers and aesthetics influenced his on-stage persona. There is plenty here that we didn't know so hopefully you'll find it rather enlightening too! Many people are familiar with worldwide Glam/Pop Icon David Bowie, (and if you’re not, get to familiarizing yourself, post haste!), but here’s something many people might not be as familiar with. Did you know that Japanese Kabuki imagery inspired much of David Bowie’s fashion? (more…)


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