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  • Koenji Awaodori: Tokyo’s great typhoon-dodging festival

    Steve Parker is one of our longest-serving and most experienced tour leaders. Though he has a passion for the outdoors (in particular the mountains, where he loves leading our Historic Mountain Trails group tours), Steve also finds plenty to be fascinated by in his hometown: a Tokyo suburb by the name of Koenji. (more…)

  • A delicious day out in Japan: Making takoyaki from scratch

    Richard Farmer is our very own travel-consultant-turned-tour-leader, blogger extraordinaire and expert in Zen Buddhism. When he's not turning his hand to those pursuits, however, what does he get up to? We caught up with Richard after a day of culinary adventures in the Kansai region. (more…)

  • Walking the Nakasendo Way

    We're all looking forward to watching Joanna Lumley walk the Nakasendo Way this evening, but what should she expect? Travel consultant Kester recently fulfilled his ambition to walk a section of the old feudal highway, so read on to find out how he fared. (more…)

  • My favourite group tour: Winter Highlights

    As an Inside Japan tour leader, David leads our customers up and down the length of the country all year - but for him, there's no time like winter to appreciate the little-known wonders of Japan. Read on to find out why Winter Highlights is David's favourite tour... (more…)

  • 8 places to see art in Tokyo: Gallery-hopping the Ginza Massif

    David Lovejoy is one of our expert tour leaders out in Japan. Based in Tokyo, where he has lived for several years, David studied art at university and has a passion for art, photography and cinema. There could be nobody better to introduce the many hidden galleries, cutting-edge museums and art in Tokyo! In this blog, he focuses on the artistic delights to be found in the upmarket district of Ginza. (more…)


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