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  • My Favourite Small Group Tour — Spring Elegance

    Spring Elegance combines some of the finest things Japan has to offer into one complete package. It’s got stunning gardens, ancient castles, relaxing hot springs, the affable charm of the traditional ryokan and a taste of city and rural living. It’s a great trip for anyone who loves Japan!

  • My Favourite Small Group Tour — A Northern Soul

    Dates are available to book onto A Northern Soul. When you uncover a new favourite travel spot it’s something that for a short while feels like it belongs to you and you alone. Of course, others have found this place before. But for now, it’s yours: that’s what makes it one of the great pleasures of travel. In today’s post, we’ll be catching up with our tour leader, Richard, who chatted to us about one of his favourite small group tours: A Northern Soul. A tour designed for those wanting even more of an ‘off-the-beaten-track’ experience (there is only one city visit — in and out of Tokyo) A Northern Soul is a fantastic tour to take if you’re returning to Japan, eager to delve deeper into its culture and have more experiences you can share with friends. As one of our most experi ...

  • Geisha spotting, Kyoto crowds and the thorny issue of over-tourism

    Alastair Donnelly, one of our founders, shares his thoughts on over-tourism in Kyoto "In the past week there have been some striking headlines regarding tourism to Kyoto. “Kyoto to ban tourists from Geisha district over ‘out of control’ behaviour” was just one of many highlighting the recent decision of the local council in Gion to try and limit access to tourists. The reports feature some of the bad behaviour that has been observed (chasing geisha down the street, touching their kimono, taking pictures without consent) and the negative impact that a surge in tourism following the pandemic has had on local residents and businesses. "For years Japan has used the striking image of Kyoto maiko (trainee geisha) with her distinctive white painted face, elaborate hair piece, and stunning ki ...

  • My Favourite Small Group Tour — Winter Highlights

    Dates available for Winter Highlights 2025 — Book now! Nobody knows our Small Group Tours better than the people who lead them. We have a fantastic group of Insiders, whose job is to know our destinations inside and out. All of our team in Japan are bilingual and live locally, so they’re fully immersed in the way of life, where best to go, and what it means to be a part of Japanese culture. We caught up with one of our team members, Robert, who had plenty of great things to shout about why ‘Winter Highlights’ is his favourite small group tour. Robert has over 6 years of experience under his belt and leads this tour. Chances are you’d get to know him quite well if you booked it! Winter in Japan is a truly spectacular time to visit. So special, we put together a dedicated tour to g ...


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