Japan's traditional arts and crafts

Minute origami paper folds; elaborate ikebana flower displays; the contemplative movements of a tea ceremony: Japanese arts & crafts are alive and well today.

The Japanese exhibit an understated yet immense pride in their unique traditional arts, well aware that this cultural legacy is part of what makes Japan so special. Despite the rush of modern technology, hand-spun techniques and traditions are still taught in schools and practised by adults across the country.
We don't just want you to see Japan, but to really feel it, and it's easy to weave a hands-on cultural experience into any itinerary. Taking part in a craft lesson, trying on a kimono or experiencing a tea ceremony are all examples of experiences that create memories (and sometimes souvenirs!) to treasure.

  • Pottery class

    Get your hands dirty whilst learning some of the techniques of Japanese 'yakimomo' pottery.

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  • Origami

    Learn to fold paper like a pro... well like an elementary school kid really... with this beginners class in origami.

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  • Kimono wearing

    The Japanese kimono is perhaps the most exquisite national dress on earth and a real treat to try on.

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  • Wedding kimono

    Perfect for honeymooners: get dressed up in layers of the finest wedding kimono for a very special photo session

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