In the small fishing town of Tomoura traditional fishing techniques can still be seen today and you can be sure to get the freshest fish at the town's market. However, Tomoura is not all about fishing! It is also home to some impressive temples and a specially brewed “Longevity Sake”.

Tomonoura Map

About 14 kilometres south of Fukuyama and 100km away from Hiroshima, Tomonoura is an ancient fishing port, which practises age-old fishing techniques amongst some amazing scenery.  

 To really experience how Japan's ancestors have fished for centuries you need to be up before the sun rises. The daily ritual is well worth witnessing because fishing means everything to this town. While most of the seafood is shipped off to the larger cities, some of it still makes its way to the markets for the locals and their visitors to enjoy. The markets are just a 15-minute stroll from the village centre and are open daily from 8am until midday.

Tomonoura is a small village housing about 3000 people and everything is within a 20-minute stroll. If you want to cruise the narrow cobbled streets like the locals do, you can hire pushbikes. Some of the ornate wooden shop-fronts you will go past have not changed since the 18th century.

Tomonoura is also the place to find a potion that may just add a few extra years on your life. It's called Longevity Sake and it's a medical wine made from a 2000-year old recipe. Another feature well worth visiting in Tomonoura are the many temples in the area. The Fukuzen-ji is the town's most impressive temple and is just a short stroll from Tomonoura.