If you want to experience authentic, rural Japan but do not want to travel to far away from the big cities, Miyama is the destination to go. Only 30km from Kyoto this little traditional village with its beautiful farmhouses allows a glimpse into Japan's past and makes for a perfect day trip.

Miyama Map

Despite it's proximity to Kyoto City, not many tourists make it to Miyama and so this authentic slice of countryside has been lovingly preserved. As well as farming traditions, arts live on here too. Several of the old farmhouses have been converted into art galleries and indigo dyeing studios where you can still see artisans at work. The nearby Ashiu forest is a protected conservation area with the most diverse plant life in Japan as well as the odd bear!

Recommended Accommodation in Miyama

The following are our favourites from among the western-style hotels and Japanese-style inns of Miyama.