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Thursday, 3rd April 2008
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Student faces arrest for sticker theft

A student in Japan has been arrested for stealing airplane-themed stickers.

The 22-year-old Ayumu Shiraishi was arrested following the theft of 13 stickers at an office in Narita Airport, located in the Greater Tokyo Area, reports Mainichi Daily News.

In a confession, the student - who was dressed in an authentic pilot's uniform at the time - said "I love airplanes".

The student is in his fourth year at Kwansei Gakuin University and comes from Takatsuki in Osaka Prefecture.

In other news on Narita Airport, since April 1st the airport has operated a policy of providing information on earthquakes that occur at the airport.

"For the safety of our customers and airport staff … and to maintain a high level of alertness, earthquake information alerts will be broadcast in the passenger terminals," said the airport.

Alerts are triggered by quakes with an intensity of approximately five on Japan's measurement scale.

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