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  • Tuesday, 1st September 2015
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    Iconic Hotel Okura closes its doors for the last time

    Anyone planning a trip to Japan will have to seek alternative accommodation to the iconic Hotel Okura, as the 1960s landmark in Tokyo has hosted its final guest.

    Scheduled for demolition at the end of September, the heavyweight of Japanese modernist design will no longer see guests welcomed by attendants in traditional kimono dress.

    The Hotel Okura has changed very little since it opened in 1962 and it is this that has apparently led to its downfall.

    An Okura spokeswoman told news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP): "It is difficult for us now to provide a top Japanese hotel due to the building's age."

    Over the years, the hotel hosted movie stars and world leaders, with the president of the USA Barack Obama having stayed at the building as recently as 2009.

    Okura's iconic status was only increased when it appeared in the James Bond film You Only Live Twice.

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  • Wednesday, 26th August 2015
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    Japan given Olympic Stadium deadline

    Japan has been given a deadline to complete its new Olympic stadium.

    A top official at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) urged ministers to ensure that the National Stadium in Tokyo was completed by January 2020. Speaking in the Japanese capital, John Coates, IOC vice president, urged the country's senior Olympic delegates to meet the deadline so that tests can be run before the Games start in August of the same year.

    This would be a revision of the previous timeline which gave Japan until April 2020 for the handover. Mr Coates stressed the importance of an earlier completion date so preparations could get underway for the opening ceremony and the various scheduled to take place in Tokyo's National Stadium.

    The IOC vice president told reporters: "The stadium has to be available for ceremonies and rehearsals. They need to have the handover to the organizing committee by January 2020."

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  • Friday, 21st August 2015
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    Japanese singer-songwriter to perform all night at foot of Mount Fuji

    A popular singer-songwriter is to spend an entire night entertaining fans at the foot of one of Japan's most iconic mountains.

    Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi will bring his high-energy show to Mount Fuji tomorrow (August 22nd) night to the delight of his many followers.

    It will not be the first time that the performer, who has had hits with songs including Kanpai (Cheers), Tonbo (Dragonfly) and Gekiai (Intense Love), will play through the night.

    In August 2004 he delighted some 75,000 music-lovers who had congregated in his home town of Kagoshima, with an all-night concert.

    The Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi All Night Live 2015 at the foot of Mt Fuji event will be held on the Shizuoka Prefecture side of the mountain.

    Nagabuchi told Japan Today: "I've been once again inspired, and wish to rock and shout the night away with my fans. I just really feel like I want to share my absolute love for living and music with everyone once again."

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  • Wednesday, 19th August 2015
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    Osaka's Kansai International Airport sees busiest month on record

    Visitors flocked to the Osaka metropolitan area in July, as its international gateway, Kansai Airport noted a record number of passengers.

    Some 2.05 million people passed through the facility, which is the most it has handled since opening in 1994.

    Prior to last month's record-breaking figures, the highest level of passenger numbers recorded at the airport had been 2.03 million in August 2000, reports The Japan Times.

    The preliminary data released by the airport operator is particularly interesting, as it shows there was a decrease of Japanese passengers by around ten per cent, taking the figure down to 47,000, apparently as a result of a weak yen.

    International travellers surged 72 per cent to 960,000, however, more than counteracting the decline in domestic visitors.

    Osaka is located on the island of Honshu and attracts visitors for its modern architecture, bustling nightlife and thriving street food scene.

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