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  • Tuesday, 24th November 2015
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    Japan?s escape room experiences now available in English

    Anyone travelling to Japan and looking for a different kind of activity may wish to take part in one of the escape room experiences that have been sweeping the nation.

    Up until now, the games have only been available in Japanese, but the craze is now being opened up to English and Chinese speakers, reports Japan Today.

    An escape room is an immersive experience that requires participants to solve problems using their lateral thinking skills.

    The phenomenon is an example of life imitating art, as it relies on similar principles to those used in video games.

    Groups of visitors are required to explore the surroundings they find themselves in and work out how to escape with the resources at hand during a set timeframe.

    While some of those that have been set up are all about problem solving, others include a backstory and theme to build the atmosphere.

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  • Tuesday, 24th November 2015
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    Newly formed volcanic island continuing to grow

    An island off the coast of Japan that was created from the eruption of a volcano is continuing to grow, officials say.

    According to the Japan Coast Guard, aerial film footage of Nishinoshima shows that eruptions are continuing to occur from the crater in the centre of the island.

    The new landmass is located 1,000 kilometres south of Tokyo and therefore fairly remote, making aerial views the easiest way to monitor it.

    It was originally formed in 2013 and since then has grown to 12 times its size, with a continuous lava flow making it even bigger all the time, reports Japan Today.

    When the volcano first erupted a tiny islet was created next to a larger, more established island known as Nishinoshima.

    Since then it has grown and engulfed the original island, thus taking on its name.

    Reports from the Coast Guard suggest the current dimensions of the island are 1,900 metres from east to west and 1,950 metres north to south.

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  • Friday, 20th November 2015
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    Japanese artist returns to homeland after 14 years for solo exhibition

    Renowned artist, Takashi Murakami, has not had a solo exhibition in Japan for 14 years, but all that is about to change.

    Takashi Murakami: 500 Arhats has opened at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo, an institution he has personal connections with.

    He told the Japan Times: “Actually, I didn’t want to do this show, but I had a relationship with the late Minoru Mori, the founder of the Mori Art Museum, his family and the current president, Shingo Tsuji. So when they said they really wanted me to do the show, I decided to do it.”

    During Murakami’s hiatus from Japan his style and themes have changed tremendously, partly to do with international events and things that have occurred in his own country.

    He explained that until the global financial crisis he was focusing on the relationship between capitalism and art, but the 2011 earthquake and tsunami helped to change all that.

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  • Thursday, 19th November 2015
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    Deforestation tackled with monster campaign

    An online campaign has begun to help raise money to fight deforestation in Japan and promote environmental conservation.

    It is using the premise of pitting local monsters against each other, with the creature who gains the most money to be declared the victor, reports the Japan Times.

    Each of Japan’s 47 prefectures has been assigned a monster, specially created based on the tourist attractions and specialities the region is known for.

    Akita Prefecture’s monster, for example, is based on the Tamagawa hot springs in Senboku and is known as Tamagura.

    The initiative has been launched by the Dai-Ichi Tsushinsha advertising agency and uses a crowdfunding model to raise money.

    It hopes to tap into local pride and encourage people to contribute to the cause by voting on the Gotochi Kaiju, or local monster, website.

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