5 years on from the tsunami

On March 11th 2016, it was exactly five years since the earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan's northern coast. To mark this anniversary, this March at Inside Japan Tours is all about Tohoku: looking back on its troubles, celebrating its charms, and taking stock of how far the region has come in the past five years.

To read all about this beautiful region, including first-hand accounts of the disaster and recovery, visit our dedicated tsunami page:

The Japan Tsunami 5 Years On

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  • Monday, 26th September 2016
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    Animated film, Your Name, smashes records in Japan

    Your Name, a Japanese animated film has been smashing box office records since it was released last month (August).

    In the first 28 days of being in cinemas, the movie grossed 10 billion yen (£77 million), making it the ninth most successful film in Japanese history.

    This is almost unheard of for an animation and Your Name is the only movie of this genre not made by renowned director Hayao Miyazaki to rake in more than 10 billion yen.

    More than 7.74 million people have seen the film, which features two teenagers who swap bodies, intertwining their lives.

    It has pushed former graphic designer turned director Makoto Shinkai into the limelight and seen fans rush to visit the locations depicted in the movie.

    With the 75-year-old Miyazaki looking to retire due to his age, many are now suggesting that Shinkai would be his natural successor.

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  • Friday, 23rd September 2016
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    Magnitude 6.4 earthquake hits south-east of Tokyo

    An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 has been reported in Japan, with its epicentre being to the south-east of Tokyo.

    The tremors were felt at 9.14 on Friday morning (September 23rd), local time, with the US Geological Survey suggesting the quake began at a depth of ten kilometres.

    Originating in a spot 230 kilometres outside of the country’s capital, nine of Japan’s prefectures felt the effects.

    Japan’s weather agency said that slight changes to the sea level could have occurred as a result, but the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre in Hawaii has not issued notice of large waves.

    The quake began in the Japan Trench, which is found in the North Pacific Ocean, and marks the point where the Pacific, Eurasian and Philippine plates meet.

    Its proximity to the largest of Japan’s islands, Honshu, means there is a constant threat of such activity and there are a number of tremors felt every year.

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  • Thursday, 22nd September 2016
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    McDonald's Japan to release pumpkin chocolate fries this autumn

    As autumn draws in, a number of seasonal takes on traditional fast food items are taking over menus and McDonald’s Japan is no different.

    Long being distinguished for adding innovative takes on classics the Japanese arm of the global food giant has done it again.

    This time the twist is to have pumpkin sauce and a chocolate flavoured one drizzled over French fries for an autumnal flavour.

    Those travelling to Japan who are keen to try out the new combination will be able to do so between September 28th and October 31st.

    Whether or not the combination truly appeals to you or you simply feel like trying something new, it’s undeniable that the taste of pumpkin is one associated with Halloween and therefore this time of the year.

    Seeming to be more adventurous than McDonald’s in other parts of the world, the innovators in Japan have dreamt up spooky treats for the autumn before.

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  • Wednesday, 21st September 2016
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    Shoppers to get left-luggage service on Tokyo Metro

    Visitors to Tokyo may find it easier to go shopping with a new service being offered by the city’s Metro system.

    Instead of carrying purchases around all the shops, tourists will be able to leave their bags at a left-luggage office being set up at Ginza Station.

    The operation has been set up by Tokyo Metro Co on a trial basis to see how popular it is and whether the practicalities work, reports the Japan Times.

    As of today (September 21st), shoppers can leave a bag at the counter for 500 yen (£3.80) while they take a lot around other shops.

    The initial trial period will last for just ten days, coming to an end on October 1st, but could be reintroduced if it proves successful.

    It is thought that mainly overseas visitors will use the service, but anyone with something that can’t go into the coin lockers will be able to make use of it.

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