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  • Monday, 20th April 2015
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    How's the Japanese tourism sector set to look over the next 5 years?

    A new report by Japan's Travel & Tourism Intelligence Centre has been released, offering further details on how the country's tourism sector is set to look like over the next five years in the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Offering a better understanding of sector expectations, expenditure, intermediate industries and services such as airlines, car rentals and hotels, the report brings together a rich wealth of data and insight that has got officials in a frenzy. Here is a quick overview of the main report points, highlighting which particular segments are sure to see the most growth.

    A look at the numbers

    Naturally, tourism is set to be big business for Japan over the next five years. Not only does the government hope that the Olympics will mean 20 million annual visitors by 2020, but it is hoped that the event will boost numbers even further to 30 million international arrivals by 2030.

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  • Tuesday, 14th April 2015
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    Shibuya cinema to host one-month Ernst retrospective

    Cinema Vera in Shibuya, Tokyo, will be honouring legendary director Ernst Lubitsch with a one-month programme of his most famous films.

    Kickstarting on April 25th, the cinema will be hosting a retrospective, with audiences having the chance to see some of his classics. These include the bedroom farce One Hour With You (1932), silent movie The Marriage Circle (1924), and the hilarious satire on Hitler To Be or Not to Be (1942).

    Lubitsch's career started off in Germany, where he became renowned for his silent films. As he grew in fame and stature, he moved to glitzy Hollywood, where his comedies and musicals did wonders for his career. At this time, it was the actors and actresses of movies that made the headlines, with directors often forgotten about, but Ernst's movies soon became advertised for having 'the Lubitsch touch'. And what as that exactly? Well, elegance and sophistication, with a touch of earthy humour.

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  • Monday, 13th April 2015
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    Fujitsu develops Bluetooth beacon that can bend and stretch

    Fujitsu Laboratories has announced that it has developed a new Bluetooth smart beacon that can be bent and stretched.

    Powered by a solar battery, the device's battery won't need to be replaced. Wireless modules usually have used up large amounts of electricity when starting up, before communications can even start up, but if they are powered by solar batteries, then they will need large-size power storage elements and a power supply control circuit to check if enough electricity is stored in the storage. Because of these elements and circuits being so big, beacons have in the past been difficult to bend and stretch - until now.

    Fujitsu has been able to develop new power supply technology that temporarily halts the power supply monitoring function before communications begin. This in turn helps to reduce power consumption and the energy saved will be used to initiate communications. Because of all of this, the power storage elements have been cut in size by a ninth and the power supply control circuits are a sixth of the size they used to be.

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  • Friday, 10th April 2015
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    The new tourism ambassador of Tokyo is? Godzilla!

    It is known more for its fire breathing and building stomping, but Godzilla has been officially made the new tourism ambassador for Tokyo.

    The monster has been appointed special resident and tourism ambassador for the Shinjuku district, which is often known for its bars and noodle restaurants. It is hoped that the giant lizard will help attract further tourists to the region, in the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics - officials hope that the country will be attracting 20 million foreign visitors annually by this point.

    As part of proceedings, a Godzilla-size head has been unveiled at the office of Toho, the Japanese studio that filmed the 1954 original movie and will be shooting a comeback film later in 2015. The head towers 170 feet above ground level, while at the ceremony Toho executive Minami Ichikawa accepted the residency certificate in Godzilla's place.

    Shinjuku Mayor Kenichi Yoshizumi said: "Godzilla is a character that is the pride of Japan." Mr Yoshizumi added that it has become belief now that any place where Godzilla destructs in the moves are sure to prosper in real life. Shinjuku ward has actually been flattened in three Toho movies, while the creature has also flattened the likes of Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, the Parliament building, and various castles across Japan.

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