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  • Monday, 2nd March 2015
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    Japan launching 'Free Wi-Fi' campaign from April 1st

    Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has announced that it will be launching a new 'Free Wi-Fi' campaign across the country from next month in order to fill its nationwide Wi-Fi-gap issue.

    Following a series of calls from officials to improve the country's Wi-Fi accessibility, the department's special wireless task force has developed a sign that will designate public places that offer the free service to customers. It is hoped that travellers will see the sign and take advantage of the connectivity, all while purchasing some food in the process.

    Businesses will be able to apply to receive one of these designated signs from April 1st, and in conjunction with this, there will also be a multilingual website that will offer for more information to foreign travellers about where they can get Wi-Fi access.

    This comes after a series of attempts by officials to improve the situation in a country that is otherwise known for its technological innovations. Recent reports have suggested that private businesses have to establish networks through a third-party pay provider, and around half of the free municipal networks do not function at high speeds.

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  • Friday, 27th February 2015
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    Tokyo Skytree gets fast-track ticket

    Foreign visitors to the city of Tokyo will be eligible for a fast-track ticket that will allow them to bypass the long lines for one of the Japanese capital's most popular attractions.

    The Tokyo Skytree, which is the tallest structure in Japan at 2,080 feet tall, is one of the best places to get an aerial view of the bustling metropolis and features on many lists of things to do while holidaying in the capital.

    Primarily a television and radio broadcast site for the Kanto region, it also contains restaurants and an observation tower that is exceptionally popular with tourists and residents alike.

    Visitors can expect to wait an hour during weekdays and two hours during weekends to take the ride to the top in one of the 13 super-fast lifts. However, visitors and foreign residents can now access the observation deck after just a five-minute wait if they use a designated lane and purchase a fast-track ticket, introduced just last week (February 19th).

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  • Friday, 27th February 2015
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    Tokyo to get Godzilla-themed hotel

    It's the news that Godzilla fans have all been waiting for - Shinjuku's 30-storey Hotel Gracery will fling open its scaly doors later this year to offer enthusiasts of Japan's favourite monster the chance to revel in the film's cult status.

    Situated on top of the Toho cinema - which is owned by the very company that made and distributed many of the Godzilla films - the venue proudly offers residents the chance to explore various items of memorabilia from the film franchise.

    The hotel design will also feature a gigantic statue erected at the top that periodically shrieks in anger as though about to crush nearby buildings under its enormous feet.

    While the enormous structure on the roof of the building will be fully illuminated with glowing eyes and mouth, it will not be able to ignite the surrounding neighbourhood with its atomic breath.

    The hotel is already accepting reservations and plans to open on April 24th, with rooms going on weekdays for 40,000 yen (£215) or during the weekend or 50,000 yen during weekends.

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  • Thursday, 26th February 2015
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    Japan encourages Chinese tourists off the beaten track

    Chinese tourists have been flocking to Japan for years, with the country's proximity proving to be a major factor since some parts of China are closer to it than Beijing. However, recent relaxation in Japanese visa regulations and a weak yen have resulted in more Chinese visitors to the country than ever before.

    2014 saw 2.4 million people make the trip across the East China Sea to experience Japan's rich mixture of history, culture and urban lifestyle - an 80 per cent rise. While the aforementioned weak yen allows for a more affordable afternoon of shopping in Akihabara or Harajuku, the Japanese consulate in Shanghai has also been responsible for an on-the-ground campaign push that it claims aids diplomatic relationships between the two nations.

    Although the government will no doubt welcome the news of so many Chinese tourists given its target to reach up to 20 million visitors by the 2020 Olympics, the industry is having to adapt its campaign to encourage tourists to visit less popular tourist spots.

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