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Friday, 24th December 2010
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Increase in foreign students heading to Japan

The number of foreign students studying in Japan has reached a record high, while the number of Japanese studying overseas has declined.

Figures compiled by the education ministry and the Japan Student Services Organisation show that the country's education system is undergoing a major change.

According to the Japan Student Services Organisation, which oversees a number of international scholarships programmes, a total of 141,774 foreigners are now studying in Japan - 9,054 more than in the previous year.

However, the ministry of education, culture, sports, science and technology said the number of Japanese studying abroad stood at 66,833 - a drop of 8,323. This figure has been declining since 2004 as many students are worried about the economic cost of studying outside of Japan and its impact on their ability to apply for jobs when they return.

According to the Japan Times, the Japanese government has previously set goals of having at least 300,000 overseas students studying in Japan and an equal number of Japanese studying abroad by 2020.

Written by Mark Smith.

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