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Thursday, 3rd April 2008
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Fuji TV issues apology after programme scandal

Japanese television network Fuji TV has issued a formal apology following an on-air scandal.

The network expressed its regret following the broadcast of F&S 27 Jikan Terebi in July 2007, when 'spiritual counsellor' Hiroyuki Ehara openly criticised a guest on the show, reports Mainichi Daily News.

Fuji TV has admitted that the programme lacked a scientific basis.

"The biggest problem is that the program in question was based on psychic powers, which are without any scientific grounding and illusory. We deserve criticism," said Fuji TV in a statement.

In a move which prompted criticism from the Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organisation, Mr Ehara started criticising the programme's guest after claiming that he was able to hear words spoken by the participant's deceased father.

Established in November 1957, the company aired its first broadcast in March 1959.

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