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Tuesday, 4th November 2008
In Weather In Japan,

First snow fall of the year reported

The Japanese city of Sapporo experienced its first flurry of snow today (November 4th), according to the Sapporo District Meteorological Observatory.

Along with other areas of Hokkaido, snow fell eight days later than the annual average and two days later than in 2007.

Snow began to fall at around 06:30 as cold air more common in December came over the city.

The cities of Hakodate and Urakawa also saw snowfall, reports Japan Today.

Recently, the Telegraph reported that a Japanese airport planned to stockpile snow to use in its cooling system during the summer.

To be launched in 2010, the scheme aims to save 2,100 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

Trials have shown that 45 per cent of snow harvested from roads can be preserved until the summer.

Similar energy saving projects in Bibai City will be used to cool homes and local businesses.

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