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Wednesday, 23rd June 2010
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Japanese firm to provide Nintendo 3DS technology

A Japanese firm has been selected over leading international competitors to provide a graphic processing engine for the Nintendo 3DS portable game console.

Tokyo-based company Digital Media Professionals (DMP) announced in a press release that its PICA200, which features 3-D graphics extension Maestro technology, has been chosen for the portable gadget due to its energy efficiency.

“We had a very ambitious goal in the realization of naked-eye 3-D stereo vision and video game console style high quality graphics rendering, whilst maintaining low power consumption," commented DMP chief executive officer Tatsuo Yamamoto.

He added that the firm is "delighted" to contribute to the Nintendo gadget with the technology, which has been perfected for many years.

According to PC World, Nintendo also considered technology from Nvidia - responsible for the graphics chip in the PlayStation 3 - and Advanced Micro Devices, which has previously provided graphics chips for Microsoft's Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii console.

Written by Kimberley Homer

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