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Wednesday, 23rd June 2010
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Japan whaling hunt talks reach impasse

Discussions between Japan, Iceland and Norway and non-whaling nations aimed at curbing the number of hunts each country goes on have reached a stalemate.

It was hoped talks in Agadir, Morocco between the 88 countries which make up the International Whaling Commission would see Japan in particular reduce the frequency of whale expeditions in return for a replacement for current moratoriums governing the practice.

Iceland and Norway have objected to an international ban on hunting and continue to do so, while Japan claims its whaling operations are in the name of scientific research.

Despite nearly two years of discussions, both sides have failed to reach an agreement, something which the Japanese delegation said was down to the inflexibility of those opposed to the practice.

"Unfortunately, there are some members who are unhappy with the chair's proposal and who do not accept it as a basis for discussions," Reuters reports them as saying.

The Sunday Times newspaper recently claimed to have evidence suggesting that Japanese officials had bribed politicians from other nations with cash and prostitutes in order to gain their support in overturning an international ban on commercial whaling.

Written by Kimberley Homer