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Tuesday, 9th December 2008
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Skymark Airlines will 'return to profit' in 2009

Japan's biggest discount carrier Skymark Airlines will get back into profit in the next fiscal year, it been claimed.

The airline's president Shinichi Nishikubo said in an interview with Bloomberg that Skymark expects net income in the year starting April 1st 2009 to be 2.6 billion yen, the same as in the last business year.

Satoshi Yuzaki, a manager at Takagi Securities, said: "It's reasonable to imagine Skymark could return its profit to last fiscal year's level.

"The costs involved in returning airplanes are fairly clear."

In November 2009, Skymark will return its last 270-seater plane, which will complete the conversion of its fleet to 177-seater aircraft.

A decline in the price of jet kerosene is expected to benefit the airline which has lost money in two out of the last three years.

Skymark serves airports at Asahikawa, Fukuoka, Haneda, Kobe, Naha and Sapporo.

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