Studio Ghibli Museum

The magical worlds of Miyazaki's animations collide to create a museum where the visitors are every bit as important as the exhibits on show.

Founded by master animator Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli has produced some of the finest works of animation to come out of Japan including creations such as My Neighbour Totoro, Princess Mononoke and the 2003 Oscar-winning Spirited Away. Miyazaki didn't want the museum merely to be a showcase of his work but instead a place for discovery and enjoyment. 

The building itself plays a pivotal role in realising the musuem's motto "Let's get lost together" by being a vibrant nonsensical maze-like structure with spiral staircases to clamber up and miniature doorways to stoop through. However it's also the attention to detail which sets this museum apart. If you look hard enough there is always something that everyone else has missed, whether it be a miniature Totoro hiding behind a plant pot or a forest spirit hanging from the ceiling, and when you do spot it you will smile quietly to yourself and hope no one else sees it too. You will become privy to even more secrets as you sit in the cosy Saturn Theatre to watch the screening of a Ghibli short that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

You don't necessarily need to be familiar with the works of Studio Ghibli to enjoy the exhibitions which take a peek at the science and history of animation. There are also guest exhibits showcasing works from other animations studios.

Please be aware that the Ghibli Museum is extremely popular, and visitor numbers are strictly limited. Inside Japan Tours can arrange tickets for your trip, but these are subject to availability and success is not guaranteed!

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Studio Ghibli Museum

located in Tokyo

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