Theme Parks

Japan has many unique amusement parks themed around onsen-bathing, manga characters, historic outdoor village museums and more..

Japan has amazing theme parks including world famous brands such as Universal Studios and not one but two Disney resorts. There are parks that appeal to young children such as KidZania; über-kitsch Sanrio Puroland, the home of Hello Kitty; and onsen theme parks where you can spend a whole day indulging in hot spring bathing.

A great way to learn about Japan's history is to visit an open air museum park such as Nikko Edomura, which recreates village life in the Edo period, or Nagoya's Meiji Mura - filled with Western-influenced architecture from the Meiji period.

There's plenty for manga and anime fans too, from Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli Museum to the Fujiko Doraemon Museum, dedicated to Japan's favourite robotic cat.

In the extravagant heyday of Japan's bubble years, many theme parks were built across the country and have long been a popular way for the Japanese to spend their leisure time. Only the biggest and best survived the economic downturn, however, so think of this as quality control and take your pick from the huge range of theme parks on offer!

  • Ghibli Museum

    The magical worlds of Miyazaki's animations collide to create a museum where the visitors are every bit as important as the exhibits on show.

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  • Fuji-Q Highland

    Are you really serious about your roller coaster rides? If you idea of a good time is hanging upside down, or being spun around so many times that you don't know which way is up, read on...

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  • KidZania

    A kids' careers theme park where children can play act a whole host of jobs from reading the news to working in a pizza shop.

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  • Toei Movie Village

    Dress up as a samurai, geisha or ninja at a theme park and movie set rolled into one.

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