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Monday, 23rd February 2009
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Snowstorms 'cause disruption' to travel in Japan

Heavy snowstorms have disrupted train services and led to flight cancellations across Japan, local authorities have reported.

The storms brought with it around 40 centimetres of snow in some parts of the country and high winds resulting in the cancellation of more than 150 domestic flights in and out of New Chitose Airport.

At least 137 buildings and houses were damaged as a result of the adverse weather and around 47,500 households in the north of Aomori prefecture were left without power.

More than 200 trains linking Sapporo with cities such as Abashiri in Hokkaido and Wakkanai had to be cancelled.

The storms came about as a result of a low pressure system that developed out at sea to the east of Hakkaido, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.

Last night, local authorities reported that conditions were improving and there were no reports of injuries.