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Wednesday, 9th April 2008
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Robots 'could fill worker shortage' in Japan

Robots could be used in Japan to make up for a shortage of workers, an organisation has claimed.

The Machine Industry Memorial Foundation has announced that by 2025, Japan could be making use of enough robots within the workplace to replicate the work of 3.5 million individuals, reports Reuters.

"Day-care centres are being built so that more women can work … and there is a move to increase the quota of foreign labourers," said Takao Kobayashi, an individual involved in the study for the foundation.

"But none of these can beat the shrinking workforce."

Among the suggested possible uses for robots are the areas of housework, support for the elderly and care for the young.

In 2005 the BBC reported on the creation of a Japanese 'female' robot named Repliee Q1Expo.

Among the features of the robot is the ability to mimic human characteristics, such as giving the appearance of breathing.

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