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Wednesday, 27th April 2016
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Japanese theme park to get Robot Kingdom

The Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Japan is set to be expanded, with a section known as Robot Kingdom in which machines will act as all the staff.

More than 200 androids will be on hand for staff to interact with, as they complete tasks such as making cocktails and preparing food.

The theme park, which is located in Nagasaki, is expected to open the new section to guests in July.

Hideo Sawada, president of the park's operator, told Nikkei Asian Review: “Robots will arrive in this kingdom one after another, and the time will come when those technologies will be in use worldwide.”

Tech firms Denso, Yaskawa Electric and Sharp are all creating robots to feature at the newest section of the park.

Robot Kingdom is the cumulative work of more than 20 companies and will act as the perfect opportunity for new developments to be trialled and tested in such an environment.

Since there is a labour shortage in the Japanese service sector, robots are seen as the future for resolving this issue.

A day pass to Huis Ten Bosch comes in at 6,500 yen (£40) for an adult and will include access to the Robot Kingdom without plans for the price to go up.

The new addition will not be out of character for Huis Ten Bosch, which opened a smart hotel on site last year.

Check-ins at Henn-na Hotel are facilitated by ten lifelike robots and androids carry luggage up to the rooms for tourists.

With 72 guest rooms, it features three customer service robots and another bot for providing tea and coffee to visitors.

Face recognition technology means there’s no need for room keys, making the hotel feel even more state-of-the-art.

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