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Wednesday, 9th April 2008
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Global warming affects blooming of cherry blossom

A new study has found that global warming has impacted upon the arrival of cherry blossoms in Japan, it has emerged.

A study by Japan's meteorological agency has found that, over the last 50 years, global warming has contributed to the bringing forward of the cherry blossom season by an average of 4.2 days, reports Mainichi Daily News.

In accordance with traditional customs, during the cherry blossom period, people living in Japan hold sake-drinking parties underneath the blooming trees, according to the Japan National Tourist Organisation.

"It is clear that global warming is having a steady effect here, based on analyses of the changes over the past years in the blooming season of flowers and the defoliation season of trees," said a representative from the agency.

It was also noted by the study that the process of leaf-shedding in maple and ginko trees now occurs much later than had been the case half a century ago.

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