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Tuesday, 4th August 2015
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Incredible drone footage highlights beauty of Kagoshima

The relatively accessible nature of drones these days means there is more and more footage from the sky available to watch.

Some is better than others and it is safe to say that the video created by Yuki Eikawa off the Pacific coast of Japan is truly incredible.

This avid YouTuber has used his flying gadget to capture some of the country's most stunning scenery in high definition.

Eikawa travelled to the Kagoshima Islands at the south western tip of Kyusha, where the sea is crystal clear, the beaches complete with white sand and rock formations jut out of the water.

With many people thinking of the cities of Tokyo or Kyoto when contemplating a trip to Japan, or even the natural beauty of Mount Fuji or the cherry blossom, this footage paints an entirely different picture of the country.

From the air, Eikawa's video tracks the coastline, taking in the shoreline and sweeping hills, with people walking on the beaches and an odd surfer enjoying the waves.

While not overtly created for any tourism campaign, it is hard to imagine a better advert to attract visitors to this part of Japan.

Kagoshima Prefecture may not be known to all those who plan a trip to the country, but those who do visit are rewarded with its beauty.

The prefecture's capital, which has the same name, is often referred to as 'The Naples of the Eastern world', due to its palm tree-lined streets and relative cool climate, compared to the rest of Japan.

Eikawa published the video, which features Yakushima Island, Yoron Island, Tanegashima Island, Koshiki Island, Amami Island and Kakeroma Island on YouTube on July 23rd under his egawauemon avatar.

It is not the only drone video he has created of Japan and others can also be seen on the footage-sharing website.

To see Eikawa's video of Kagoshima, click here

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