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Sunday, 16th March 2014
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Cherry blossom report issued

Japan's famous cherry blossom season is on course to happen as usual, according to a report from the Japan Weather Association, which says it expects to start seeing the first signs of the much-loved rose-tinted petals over the coming weeks.

However, the association warned in its extensive report that the blooms are likely to occur around three or four days earlier in the Kyushu and Shikoku regions and three to four days later in the Kanto, Koshin and Hokkaido prefectures.

Already, various communities and organisations across the nation are getting ready to celebrate their arrival, with McDonald's fast food restaurant even going as far as to slather its burgers with pink mayonnaise.

The emerging petals can already be seen in the Kochi prefecture, although avid flower watchers in the Kyushu region will have to wait until around March 21st for their first glimpse.

Written by Mark Smith

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